Friday, December 27, 2013

Crystal Thoughts - White Spider (darker version) (7"single) - 2013

CRYSTAL THOUGHTS - WHITE SPIDER (darker version) / 7"single
label: Giraffe Production
cat No: GPPD 007 / Greece
produced: 2013 

After 'Kaleidoscopic Drop' LP, the newborn 7" Crystal Thoughts baby is finally out in 300 hand numbered cps in coloured vinyl!!!
A. White Spider (darker version)*
B. Kaleidoscope Places

Recorded in June (side A) & September (side B), 2013.
Mixed & mastered September 2013 at Kosmic studio, Athens.
All music, lyrics and artwork by Spiros Rouchotas.
* original version at 'Kaleidoscopic Drop' LP, 2013.


Limited to 300 hand numbered cps in transparent purple-cherry red colour folded by an opalescent platinum embossed cover with double leaf rear opening, including lyrics. Inserted in a thick plastic outersleeve.
Note: for those who didn't get the 'Kaleidoscopic Drop' LP, 15 regular cps were kept to pair with the above 7"single...preserve yours!


  1. Hello.
    What is the price of the single and what's the price of the last Lp (standard version)? Thank you

  2. prices range if you're a dealer or a label owner, so mail me here please:
    (I think you've mailed me in the past as well...)