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Dedalos (7inch single) - 1996 (Sold Out)

DEDALOS (Daedalus) - Traveller / Like an Eagle 7'sp
cat No: PD 001 / Greece
produced: 1996
Δαίδαλος - Ταξιδευτής / Σαν Αετός (7ιντσο - ΠΔ 001)

Late 60's - early 70's authentic sound & spirit! Greek lyrics, female vocals, acid trip flutes & hippy flavoured atmosphere! Heavy vinyl 70gr + velvet insert. This is the band's first & only single, as their members disbanded a year later. Private issue, recorded in 1996 and finally released 8 years later in 500 hand numbered cps, from which only 30 of them wear a hand-made jacket from recycled paper with different artwork(see 2nd pic.) designed by band's composer Spiros Rouchotas.
12 years later he records his debut LP "Ta Paichnidia tou Iliou" (the Τricks of the Sun), moving into psychedelic progressive folk sound.

1.Traveller (Ταξιδευτής)
2.Like an Eagle (Σαν Αετός)
Pavlina Katsochi : main vocals
Spiros Rouchotas : flute, lead & rhythm guitar, vocals
Christos Tzelepopoulos : bass, vocals
Dimitris Pollatos : drums

music written by Spiros Rouchotas
lyrics by Spiros Rouchotas & Dimitris Pollatos

recorded at Action studio, 1996 Athens
remixed by Kosmas Boulakas
mastered by Nikos Stratigos

7" back cover

7" insert

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    Great folk-rock tracks, psychedelic environment...