Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ta Paichnidia tou Iliou (LP) - 2007 (Sold Out)

TA PAICHNIDIA TOU ILIOU (the Tricks of the Sun) - ST / LP
cat No: PD 002 / Greece
produced: 2007
Τα Παιχνίδια του Ήλιου (LP - ΠΔ 002)

70's sound & chaotic spirit in an absolute utopian album. Great crystal sound, with many space folk themes, trippy flutes, amazing female vocals, dreamy childs voice, native instruments & sounds, heavy dope psych melodies & more...Collage artwork with double-page velvet insert. Private issue in 300 copies.
It's just a hallucinogen experience!

A1.Ra (Ρα)
Α2.the Dream (Τ' Όνειρο)
Β1.Flutter of the Butterfly (η Πεταλούδα ανοίγει τα Φτερά της)
B2.the Tricks of the Sun (τα Παιχνίδια του Ήλιου)
B3.Epilogue (Επίλογος)

Lilian Tsatsaroni : main vocals & narration
Christos Pieridis : vocals
Spiros Rouchotas : flute, fife, el.& acoustic guitar, el.bass, keyboards, drums, native instruments & sounds, effects
Aphrodite : narration

music written by Spiros Rouchotas
lyrics by Nancy Fanouriou & Spiros Rouchotas

recorded at home, 2007 Athens
sound engineering & remix by Zacharias Kotsikis

Take a taste:

LP back cover

LP insert


  1. Hi, Spiros! I like your composition "Dream", I enjoyed it so much. Suomii

  2. Thank you so much Suomii!!
    Sorry for the delay of my blog construction, but I'm new & facing some technical problems

  3. Σπυρο μπραβο καιρο ειχα να ακουσω τετοια ποιοτητα.Το προωθούμε παγκοσμιος

  4. Σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ Αντρέα. Το εκτιμώ ιδιαιτέρως