Thursday, December 1, 2011

LP & 7"single out now.....(Sold Out)

Only few copies from debut Dedalos 1996 single will be included in a strictly limited edition along with Crystal Thoughts LP + inserts, in a stickered thick cover.

This issue is numbered randomly among the first 98 LP copies and includes the regular 7" cover. However there will be fewer copies with the rare handmade one.

+ regular 7"

+ handmade 7"

+ promo 7"

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For any interest:

Crystal Thoughts - Toxic Phenomena In Kosmic Fields (LP) - 2011 (Sold Out)

label: Missing Vinyl
cat No: MVPD 003 / Greece
produced: 2011

Crystal Thoughts formed in 1999, as a psych folk duet by Spiros Rouchotas & Vassilis Stavrianakos. The same year they recorded a number of songs, part of a jam session, and the next year the duet splits.
As years went by, Spiros R. decided to reform Crystal Thoughts remaining under the same music aesthetics, but this time under a different personnel as a 4member unit.
Authentic psych-folk characterises 4 tracks on this album, with the first song excluding from the genre, jumping deep into heavy dope of psychedelia with progressive touches.
Four new tracks and one from Crystal Thoughts beginning era.
Comes in unipak cover limited to 500cps.
We also meet Spiros R. on his first solo project LP titled "Ta Paichnidia tou Iliou" (Tricks of the Sun / 2007), but also in 1996 with his band "Dedalos" (Daedalus) in their debut 7"single.

A1.Kosmic Journey
A2.Psilocybe Effect
B1.Crystal Thoughts
B2.Tear Of An Elephant
B3.Carovna Pistalka

Lilian Tsatsaroni: all vocals
Mike Lawson: vocals, narration
Janka Helmeciova: narration
Spiros Rouchotas: bass, drums, guitars, keyboards, percussion, flute, oboe, bassoon, el.sitar, nature sounds & effects.

music composed by Spiros R. except from "Carovna Pistalka", music from "Paslo Dievca Pavy" - traditional slovak.
lyrics written by Spiros R. and Janka Helmeciova, except on "Tear Of An Elephant" by Judith Stover & Spiros R.
also "Carovna Pistalka" is a slovak tale by Janka Helmeciova
"Tear Of An Elephant" lyrics are inspired from Judy's poems "First Reverence" & "We Ran Together Then"

recorded in Athens at home, between September 2010 and April 2011, except "Psilocybe Effect" (reel to reel - 1999)
mixed by Spiros R. and Zacharias Kotsikis at Kosmic Studio, Athens

Unipak-in 1

Unipak-in 2

LP back cover